• Amass Insights

    We democratize data analytics, leading investors to new sources of alpha.

  • Problem

    Tremendous momentum is building towards harvesting information from everything imaginable. The capabilities of the analytical tools are beginning to catch up, but the unprecedented number of untapped data sources is in need of a systematic, democratized forum to portray their investment utility.

  • Mission

    To accelerate data discovery, reduce the effort necessary to understand the information, and provide unparalleled analytics for the financial sector through an interactive, web-based platform/marketplace - efficiently leading investment managers to actionable insights for better investment decisions.

Our Journey

After working with investment managers and technology companies in several different capacities, we realized the substantial gap that exists between companies possessing valuable unique data and the investment professionals who could generate alpha from that data. We are closing that gap by leveraging our analytical and financial expertise and increasing transparency for each side of the market.



What We Do

Deliver unique insights from under-appreciated data to institutional investors.


Identify organizations with potentially useful data for investors. Collaborate on the best methods to extract value from their information for investors in a compliant manner.


Cleanse, normalize, correlate, and backtest versus publicly available information in order to demonstrate the utility to the end users.


Provide insights that integrate with the partner's current workflows. Raw data feeds, reports, simple charts, and customizable dashboards are all available.

The Team

Jordan Hauer
Co-founder and CEO

Jordan has spent the past three years consulting for technology companies striving to better monetize their proprietary data to institutional investors. Previously, Jordan worked at Hunter Global Investors (a $1B hedge fund) as their first technologist, adding a quantitative layer to their fundamental strategy and revamping their internal data systems. Before Hunter, Jordan spent three years at NERA Economic Consulting, performing economic analyses in several multi-billion dollar litigation proceedings in Securities, Antitrust, and Intellectual Property. Jordan graduated Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science in Information Science, Systems, and Technology from Cornell University's College of Engineering in 2008.

Mark Donovick
Co-founder and Director of Business Development

Mark spent three years as the Head of Business Development and Marketing at Nirvana Solutions, a Portfolio and Trading software company for hedge funds. He started his tenure in Finance through Northeastern University's co-op program working at at Putnam Investments, Allianz Global Investors Europe (Frankfurt), and QS Investors (former Quantitative Strategies Group of Deutsche Bank). He graduated with a double Bachelors Degree in Finance and Economics from Northeastern University.

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